Setting Up an Inverter Generator for Your Home Gym

What is inverter technology?

tradetested inverterIt refers to the use of an inverter system which stabilizes the amount of frequency and voltage generated by a petrol engine driver alternator using sine wave electricity with a distortion ratio of no more than 3%. Because of this, inverter generators are able to produce AC that’s cleaner (smoother) compared to conventional units. Inverters also take away your troubles regarding fluctuation and reduce output emissions.

Why should I use an inverter in my gym?

Getting fit can be difficult especially without some gears being too attractive not be noticed. You’ll need to see your stationary cycle, treadmill, and other home gym equipment to encourage you to get up and use them. Staying fit requires a lot of hard work, and it mostly involves the use of electricity too.


Most cardio equipment nowadays needs power to help you track your progress as you exercise. Most of them need the energy to operate too. But what if there’s a power outage? Should you skip working out and use the blackout as an excuse? This is when the inverter generator steps up and tells you “No, you have to exercise.” With an inverter in your home gym, you can keep running on your treadmill to burn calories. With an inverter in your home gym, you can cycle for longer and sweat more. With two inverters in your home gym, you can work out and listen to upbeat music at the same time using your speakers.

You’ll also be pleased to know that the greatest invertor generators for the money are fuel-efficient. That means it only uses the amount of fuel needed to power up an appliance. So if it’s supplying energy to a small appliance, its engine can adjust the fuel it consumes, saving more fuel for larger machines and saving you the trouble of wondering why you have a huge electric bill.


Yamaha-EF4500iSEIn a nutshell, the main reason why you’ll set up an inverter is to prevent yourself from finding an excuse not to work out. Besides, you can link two identical units to increase the power capacity, allowing you to use two appliances simultaneously (maybe an air conditioner + gym equipment). You could easily take the inverter with you around the house because these units are way lighter and quieter compared to standard generators.